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Advisor Club

Definition of Associate Club

Defination of Sanjivani Advisor

Associate Club means, those Associate who did best work in one financial year and achieved Society`s Benchmark with society`s time line, circular and terms condition, in that case society provide some additional benefits to them and make a different Clubs. The society`s goal is motivating and encouraging for this type of Associates and build the better relationship with them.

A Associate Club is also an expression of our society’s culture – of being close to Associates in a personal and caring way. It brings the hospitality to our Associates. The Society offering a Reward and Recognition Program and Special programme for Club Associates in a nice way.

Types of Clubs

Associates can qualify to various clubs and get special privileges declared from time to time for the clubs. There are Five Club created for our Associates

Silver Club

Total CRPB Self & Team : 20 Lacs
Active team: 20

Gold Club

Total CRPB Self & Team : 60 Lacs
Active team: 40

Platinum Club

Total CRPB Self & Team : 1.20 Cr.
Active team: 60

C.E.O Club

Total CRPB Self & Team : 2.40 Cr.
Active team: 120

Diamond Club

Total CRPB Self & Team : 4.80 Cr.
Active team: 180

Eligibility for Associates Club

Such Associates who have complete a certain target at a certain time then they are qualified in the Associates club and after they get all benefits of club.

Benefits of Associate Club

  • Visiting Card
  • Telephone Expenses
  • Office Stationery Expenses & other allowances
  • Loan Facility for making its own office
  • Special Club Kit
  • Yearly Self code CRPB Incentive

*Terms and condition applied.