Welcome at Sanjivani

In India the Credit Co-operative. sector developed to help the people of low income group and Sanjivani Credit Co-operative Society has a big role to play in economic development of Low class and Middle class people. Societies are registered under District Registrar Office of State with Registrar of Co-op society, the Sanjivani Credit Cooperative Society is registered under Government of India, Multi-States Cooperative Societies Act 2002 and our registration No. is MSCS/CR/351/2010. The Government of India has formed rules to ensure the security of the deposits with Credit Cooperative Societies and it is mandatory by law for all registered societies to operate within those regulatory acts. Sanjivani Credit Cooperative Society follows all existing parameters of fund sufficiency those formed by Government of India. The accounts of society are subject to audit by audit department and audit reports are then submitted to Registrar Office for their governance.

Sanjivani works to create a better future every day and helps members feel good and get more out of life with products and services that are good for them and for others, at Sanjivani Society we are committed to improving the quality of life. Our management team comprises of reputed members of the credit cooperative sector, who promote high integrity in business practices. Under their leadership Sanjivani has consistently focused on setting benchmarks in all aspect of credit society.